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Buying Thermocouple

Costs, Pros and Cons

Thermocouples are a type of sensor that measure the temperature difference between two points. They come in many different types, and can be made from metal alloys or simple wire. The most common type is the Type K thermocouple, which is used for measuring temperatures over 1000 degrees Celsius. At www.lki.no we will cover three things: what you need to know about buying thermocouple; the costs involved; and pros and cons of using them.


First, let’s go through some basics on how to buy these sensors! First of all, you need to know that there are many different types of thermocouple. These include Type B, C and K which we have already mentioned. For a full list of them please see here . The most common type is the Type K because it can be used for measuring temperatures over 1000 degrees Celsius. However this does not mean they cannot be used at lower temperatures – in fact they can measure from around -200C up until 2700C depending on the accuracy required (the higher the temperature range desired, typically speaking). Secondly, you should consider what your work will require from thermocouples before buying any as each one has their pros and cons. For example, Type B thermocouple is typically cheaper than the other types – but it has a larger temperature range. On the other hand, Type K cannot be used below 0 degrees Celsius (they are not accurate).

Thirdly, you need to consider how long your thermocouple will last before buying them! This depends on many factors including: what type of metal alloy or cable they are made from; where you purchase them from; and what conditions they may be exposed too in their lifetime. There is no point spending lots of money if your work demands high accuracy readings because this could cause damage over time. The life expectancy also varies depending on these factors mentioned above so keep this mind when considering costs involved!