Gazebo Side Panels: Building a Gazebo in Your Backyard

Gazebo Side Panels: For Enhancing Your Outdoor Area

The backyard is the perfect place for a backyard party. You can have a barbecue, or you could set up the lawn furniture and put on some music. The one thing that’s missing from your backyard is shade! Building Gazebo Side Panels in your backyard will not only provide shade for guests, but it is also an excellent centerpiece to enjoy with family and friends.

To make a gazebo in your backyard you will need: Plywood (at least four sheets) – $25 per sheet, screws and drill – $15 for the set, carpenter’s square or protractor to measure 45º angle with at least 60″ of clear space around it.

Gazebo Side Panels

You can use the edge of your house, but this isn’t always reliable because houses are seldom built on a perfect 90° corner. If you don’t have one handy, there should be plenty available at any hardware store. They usually cost about $20-$30 each so if you’re making more than one, that would be an expense worth considering before buying them outright when not needed! .

Also, you will need eight 100′ long, untreated cedar fence posts – $60-$80, 20 treated wood screws per post (or you can use nails) – $20 or less for a box of 50, and a hand saw . You should be able to get one at any hardware store that sells lumber and supplies. They usually cost about $30 with the blade guard included. If not, they will typically run another two dollars without it so I would highly recommend getting this if you’re going to buy just one! Otherwise safety glasses are your best option when cutting boards and plywood unprotected as an added precaution against injury from splinters. And don’t forget these because you’ll want them handy while assembling the gazebo frame: rubber mallet, rubber gloves to help prevent splinters from the screws or nails.