Moving Office: Who, What and When

Moving Office: Who, What and When

Tips for Success

Are you looking for a reputable office movers in Miami FL moving company? If so, then this article is for you! Here are 10 tips that will help make your next move as easy and stress-free as possible.

1) Check the weather forecast to see if it will be raining or snowing on the day of your move. Prepare accordingly with appropriate clothing, rain gear, umbrellas, etc. 2) Make sure all of your employees know what time they are expected to arrive at work on the first day after their office moves. It’s best not to surprise them with any delays in arrival times – it could cause confusion and frustration among staff members who have important deadlines looming over their heads.

A) Start with a clear desk.

B) Sort through your belongings and donate any unwanted items to charity or throw them out…

C) Create piles in order of importance, such as “keep,” “donate” or “throw away.” Clean up the room before moving on to other areas of the office. This way you will have less work to do once everything has been moved into its new location.

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D) Be sure that all furniture is at least four feet off the ground so it can be carried by movers more easily; it’s also easier for people using wheelchairs if there are no obstructions on either side of their paths when they enter an area.

E) If possible, limit the number of items you take with you.

F) Label boxes to identify what is in them, and pack fragile items like dishes last so they can be sandwiched securely inside the box.

G) Once everything is packed up into moving crates or boxes, rehearse your route at least once before hiring movers. This way it will be much easier for everyone involved if there are any problems that arise during the actual move day.

H) Finally, have a plan B ready just in case things don’t go smoothly on the big day – this includes alternate routes as well as an emergency kit containing personal identification documents (passport/driver’s license), copies of important papers such as birth certificates and deeds/deeds of trust related to the property, car and house insurance papers, bank account numbers, ATM PINs etc.

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