Investor Pitch Deck: A Guide for Startups

Investor Pitch Deck: A Guide for Startups

Investor Pitch Deck: How to Create an Investor-Friendly PowerPoint

The Investor Pitch Deck is a PowerPoint presentation that you create for investors to help them visualize the potential of your company. It’s important to make sure that your pitch deck is investor-friendly, so you need to design yours in a way that will be persuasive and convincing.

Your investor pitch deck should be concise, yet provide enough information for investors to learn about your company. It’s important that you include an executive summary, as well as a detailed business plan with evidence of traction.

The purpose of the business plan is one part to educate potential investors and two parts to persuade them – if they want more information on any subject matter in the document (products, services or markets), then it must clearly answer their questions. This will also help push through funding rounds faster without wasting time explaining what is already there in black-and-white text!

Investor Pitch Deck

Create a template that is easy for investors to follow. You can do this by using graphics and text formatting features in PowerPoint such as shapes, charts, tables, bulleted lists or short paragraphs with headings.

You should include visuals from the actual product so that it’s easier for an investor to understand what you’re trying to sell them on. This will also show your level of commitment – if you put up dummy slides instead of screenshots then maybe they’ll think less about investing!

Also, make sure to include a time frame for the presentation. This will help potential investors know how long they’ll have to invest in your company before it becomes too late and you’re able to make use of their funds.

Finally, you should consider including a video of your product so that investors can understand it better.

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